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A Point of Transformation -Teaching/Workshop

Seki has been developing her unique practice combining Butoh and Somatic approach exploring unique individual expression.  Aiming to embody action, sensation and imagery/concept in dance. 


Butoh is a form of Japanese avant-garde dance.  Butoh emerged from the post war chaos in Japan in the late 50s when the country grappled with the clash between new Western technology and traditional Japanese values.  Butoh became a new form of expression, neither an imitation of Western culture nor a traditional Japanese cultural practice.  Butoh was called the 'Dance of Darkness'.  Influenced by German Expressionism self-identity was radically explored with culturally diverse and politically influenced concepts through bodily expression.  


Butoh’s perspective proposes culturally diverse ways of seeing.  Embracing dark nature like death, decay which are fundamental to our lives.  Butoh sees dance as a living process and it pushes the boundaries of what we already know.


Somatic is the study of a ‘person’ as a living functional body.  Integrating the body, mind and emotion whilst using movement as the main exploratory tool.  Experiential anatomy and Developmental Movement drawn from somatic practice helps us elicit details and a depth of expression.  Shifting attention from ‘action’ to ‘active listening’  and through attentive touch our perception will be enhanced.  We become aware of our physical body.  Through this process a subtle flow of feeling and sensation may unfold.  


Using this sensory feedback and Butoh’s perspectives as guidance we make an enquiry into the transformative and transient nature of the body where process becomes the work itself.

Since 2016 she further developed teaching combining both outdoors and indoors.  Studio time focuses on body awareness drawn from somatic practice whereas outdoor work engages directly with the landscape where the senses get stimulated and the boundaries of life & death become more fluid.  Both compliments to explore Butoh’s perspectives through complex visceral expressions.

She teaches professional, educational and community settings with all ages and abilities including adults with learning disabilities in both groups and one-to-one.  

She is a guest teacher at Butoh Brighton, Butoh UK, guest artist at This is Somatic, and Felinganole Woodland retreat both in Wales, ZU-UK and Mountview.  She taught at South Coast College Hastings, Buck's New University, London Metropolitan University, South Bank International School, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Independent Dance and many more.  She has been  teaching adults with learning disabilities since 2007.

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Outdoor Butoh

Outdoor Butoh encourages participants to directly engage with the landscape of Hastings's local nature through action, sensation and imagination.  From action to active listening the session is based on a somatic approach to help widen perception.  We explore the landscape through simple movement, stillness and guided improvisations particularly drawn from Butoh’s culturally diverse perspectives such as Ma (between time/space), Wabi (humbleness/simplicity), Sabi (process of decay) and the cycle of life.  This is a self-explorative experience in nature in a small supportive group working towards dance making.  All welcome.  

Outdoor Butoh Gallery


Butoh Brighton

Butoh Brighton was set up to promote the appreciation, practice and enjoyment of Butoh in Brighton and the South East coast, by organising regular classes, workshops, special events, performance, etc and by creating a sense of community around our passion for all things Butoh.

Currently organised by Mim King and Yumino Seki for regular workshops & classes in Brighton.

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Drawing Motion

Drawing Motion is an outdoor experimental drawing session focusing on the human body and its quality of motion & expression.


It seeks to bridge visual art and dance movement through creating a dialogue between the drawer and the mover.   It encourages the exploration of expression through an action of mark making.  

A series of slow movements will be created focusing on the quality of motion & suspension in energy, shapes, trajectory, rhythms, colours, weight/gravity and spatial awareness in a site-sensitive way.  

This is a self-explorative open space. 

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