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Beyond the Circle

site-specific Butoh performance, The Stade, Hastings
Movement is essential to our life and is our expression


The Stade, Hastings, 2011

A site-responsive durational dance to cerebrate the opening of The Stade.

Directed by Yumino Seki, devised and performed by Carolina Diaz, Ania Pshenichnikova and Yumino Seki.

Commissioned by PROJECT, Hastings Borough Council

Special thanks to

Sarah Yates and Jim Roseveare

Embracing the unique aspects of the newly developed area of the Stade  ‘Beyond the Circle’ connects the three circles in three locations through the journey of the three dancers.  

     Location 1 ; construction circle - the beach

     Location 2 ; permanent circle - Stade Open Space

     Location 3 ; animating circle - Stade Hall

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