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Aims Of The Organisation


SDP (SEKI DANCE PROJECT) investigates artistic expression and its communication through the medium of dance.


SDP combines the unique Japanese avant-garde dance discipline of Butoh together with somatic practice.  Somatic practice seeks to explore the body-mind connection as a hoistic approach towards artistic expression and health.


SDP seeks to provide a culturally diverse quality arts research and training.  SDP welcomes collaborations with other arts disciplines broadening the possible boundaries within dance.


Furthermore SDP focuses on health & wellbeing.  Engaging with creativity in dance & movement SDP seeks for equilibrium in the body and the mind.


SDP seeks to form new partnerships and opportunities with venues (theatre and non-theatre spaces) and with public and private commissions and funding.


SDP creates mutual support amongst Butoh and somatic movement practitioners (national and international) and individuals and organisations who are interested in SDP's activities.





To inspire people through the medium of dance and movement


To provide high quality innovative arts, which aim to communicate with wider audiences beyond   conventional notions of language and cultural differences


To promote Japanese culture especially through Butoh (Japanese avant-garde dance theatre)


To encourage Anglo-Japanese relationships through cross-disciplinary artistic/cultural collaborations


To take artistic risks to broaden and deepen the boundaries of dance


To practice 'Continuing Professional Development (CPD)' - developing skills and knowledge of the artists involved in the each project


To provide high quality teaching and training to communities - such as students, professional artists, people with learning disabilities and special needs in any age/generation


To promote somatic movement practice for artistic and health & wellbeing


To actively create a platform to share and exchange the best practice, skills, knowledge and ideas between fellow artists, relevant organisations and anyone who are interested in our activities


To develop new audiences by raising interests in our activities locally, regionally,nationally and internationally


To network with individual artists, relevant organisations and institutes to create partnerships for new projects


To raise money to fulfil our aims to sustain the activities of SDP both artistically and financially



SEKI DANCE PROJECT (SDP) was constituted in 2015 under the direction of Yumino SEKI.  

Committee Member Includes 


Gary Rowe

Jim Roseveare

Bruno Santini

photo; Monday Butoh group in Front Row Fashion Show at De La Warr Pavilion, 2016

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