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Key performances


TRANSIT, art intervention at Towner Eastbourne

The Hunter, Athens, Greece


The Spirit in the Dust, collaboration with Afrit Nebula (music) and Mark French (film)

A Place Between, collaboration with Rusty Sheriff (soundscape), PortsFest, Portsmouth

Cherry Blossom Season performance, Ditchling Museum of Art+Craft



A Place in Between, with Olie Brice (music), Journeys Festival of Dance, De La Warr Pavilion

On the Edge, Knotty Festival, Hastings Town Centre, Claudia Kappenberg & Hermione Allsopp

International Composers Festival, with Jose Elizondo (composer), De La Warr Pavilion



Scorpion by Zadie Xa and Benito Mayor Vallejo, Dance to the Music of Our Time, Live exhibition, the National Gallery, London

Japan After the Hours, directed by Marie Gabriele Rotie, Kew Gardens


Who Am I, UK tour, collaboration with Tunde Jegede (composer) and Sunara Begun (visual artist)

Child of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation, Zadie Xa, De La Warr Pavilion

Grandmother Mago, Zadie Xa, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto


Grandmother Mago, Zadie Xa, the 58th Venice Biennale

The Washer Woman, London College of Fashion, directed by Peta Lily, Lilian Balis Studio

Child of Magohalmi and the Echoes of Creation, Zadie Xa, Tramway (DIG), London Art Night

Under the Moon, International Butoh Festival, Paris

The House of Crusoe, ExploreTheArch, Hastings

Moon, October Gallery, London

Dance Movies, dance, music (Afrit Nebula) & projection (Mark French), Kino-teatr, Coastal Currents Festival

Falling Family, Yukiko Masui (choreographer), The Place, Birmingham Dance Exchange, Riley Theatre


Falling Famil R&D, Yukiko Masui, The Place Theatre

Hamlet, Theatre Nation, St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings, Rye Creative Centre

GEKKA, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, Hastings Museum, Coastal Currents Festival

Tim Hecker with the Konoyo Ensemble, directed by Darren Johnston, Barbican Hall, London

XENOFUTURISM, Antivoid/Caleb Madden, Mesonic Hall, Coastal Currents Festival


Onibaba, London College of Fashion, directed by Peta Lily, Lilian Balis Studio

KLIPPERTY KLOPP 2 (film), Andrew Kötting

Coastal Currents Festival opening dance & light collaboration with Caleb Madden


TORIFUNE training Project, funded by Arts Council England, Coastal Currents Festival

Front Row Fashion Show, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, De La Warr Pavilion


MANJUSAKA, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, Coastal Currents Festival/Stade Saturday funded by Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council, Leeds City Council

UNFIX Festival, curated by Paul Michael Henry, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow


MANJUSAKA R&D, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, St. Mary in the Castle, funded by Arts Council England

Junichiro Ishii solo exhibition, Gallery Klatovy, Czech Republic

Kaizo (Film) directed by Alex Franck


HYAKKI YAKOU, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, Hastings Museum funded by Arts Council England, Japan Society, Coastal Currents Festival

Warped Space, dance and drawing collaboration with Greig Burgoyne, Frost Museum residency


Artbeat Egypt, international art festival funded by The Japan Foundation, Cairo

Telling Stories, Hastings Museum, curated by Cathryn Kemp

Anima, directed by  Karavan Ensemble, Coastal Currents


INTERFACE, curated by Christine Gist, Oudennarde, Belgium

Beyond the Circle, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, Stade Project Space

Telling Stories, curated by Cathryn Kemp, Marine Studios, Margate


From A to B, curated by Christine Gist, Dover



Fluid Frontier, Dance and Puppetry collaboration with Theatre Rotto, Hastings Museum

ADMETO, opera directed by Doris Dörrie and choreographed by Tadashi Endo, Göttingen National Theatre Germany and Edinburgh Festival


Ketsui, Ten-Pen-Chii, Dok11, Berlin, Germany

Istanbul Art Fair, curated by Denizhan Ozer, Turkey

Art of Kabuki, Hastings Museum


Borderline Arts Festival, curated by Denizhan Ozer, Canakkale, Turkey

KIMERA, Mamu Dance Theatre, Göttingen, Germany


Zarathoustra variations, Europe/UK tour, Ariadone, Bordeaux, France


TESTLABOR, German tour, Ten-Pen-Chii, Berlin, Germany


Wicked World within, UK tour, IJAD, ICA, Artsdepot, London


Portrait, Dance on Screen Festival, The Place, London

Runner, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, Chisenhale Dance Space


Migration 01, Germany & UK tour, Mamu Dance Theatre, Göttingen, Germany


Back Pack, Mamu Dance Theatre

R&D, Mamu Dance Theatre, Clore Studio, Royal Opera House, London

A Place to Be, dance & video collaboration, Chisenhale Dance Space, London


59minutes and 38 seconds, dance & video collaboration, Chisenhale Dance Space

Minus Alpha, Ten-Pen-Chii, Berlin, Germany


Requisitioned, IJAD, ICA, The Junction & Tramway


Furious God, choreographed by Tadashi Endo, Göttingen, Germany

Unearthed the Viking Shoppers, Igloo, Jacksons Lane Theatre, London

Messenger Part 1& 2, Gary Rowe company, The Place

The House with no Name, SEKI DANCE PROJECT, Shipwright's Palace, Deptford


In Light of Other, Gary Rowe Company, The Place & Dance House, Melbourne, Australia


2022    Journeys Festival Dance, 18 Hours

2021     Chisenhale Dance Space Summer Residency

2019     ExploreTheArch, The House of Crusoe

2016     Arts Council England & Earl Street Creative Space R&D commission, TORIFUNE training                 project

2015     Arts Council England, Hastings Borough Council, Leeds City Council, MAJUSAKA

2014     Arts Council England, MANJUSAKA R&D, Gallery Klatovy, Junichiro Ishii solo exhibition

2013     Arts Council England, Japan Society & Hastings Borough Council, HYAKKI YAKOU

2012     The Japan Foundation, Cairo, Artbeat Egypt, Cathryn Kemp, Telling Stories, Hastings,

              Hastings Borough Council, Beyond the Circle

2011      Christine Gist, INTERFACE, Belgium, Cathryn Kemp, Telling Stories, Margate

2010     Rebecca Skeleton Fund, VMI Somatic practice, Christine Gist, From A to B, Dorver

2009     Arts Council England, Fluid Frontier (dance & puppetry collaboration)

               Dancers' Career Development, VMI Somatic practice

2008     Hastings Museum and Art Gallery, Art of Kabuki, Denizahn Ozer, International Art Fair,                    Istanbul, Turkey, Dancers' Career Development, VMI Somatic practice

2007     Denizahn Ozer, Borderline, Turkey

2004     Chisenhale Dance Space, London, Runner

2003     Chisenhale Dance Space, A Place to Be (dance & video collaboration)

2002     Chisenhale Dance Space, 59 minutes and 38 seconds (dance & video collaboration)



VMI (Voice Movement Integration) Somatic Practice Certification Programme with Patricia Bardi, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Qualified in Somatic movement educator and therapist in 2012.

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