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Andrew Kötting




Klipperty Klöpp was a film of an artist repeatedly and energetically running round a field in Gloucestershire pretending to be a horse. The work has been described as: Joseph Beuys meets Benny Hill in a post-punk piece of pagan happening, complete with bestiality, buggery and boundless energy combining frenetic performance and Beckettian other-worldly rantings. 

As an ironic response to the Transition Gallery ‘SPEEDWAY’ commission I’d like to revisit the film 33 years later, however this time the protagonist would be a woman (the performance artist Yumino Seki) but moving very slowly within the landscape.


The earth works, which were made in the 80’s are still visible on Winchcombe Common just outside Cheltenham and the paintings, which I carried all those years ago have also been kept alive, safe in my studio.


Andrew Kötting

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